What I see is Humanity, Hope, Faith; Love

I was hesitant to share this photograph as some may find it controversial. Around 9pm on Friday night; in lieu of the attacks in Paris, this Muslim man pulled his Taxi over & unrolled his prayer rug. He removed his shoes, placed them at his side & began to pray. I felt an overwhelming sense of love & compassion when I saw this. 
What I see is humanity, hope, faith; love. A devotion & dedication between one man & his God, Allah. I wasn’t going to share this picture but after some encouragement from friends who also found this photograph to be powerful; here it is. Oh, just one more thing – I think it is very important to clarify that I do not claim to know nor have I assumed to know what this man is praying for or about & I am in no way saying that his prayer was in correlation to or with the recent events in Paris. I understand that my time stamp has been misleading & has caused an uproar of arguments on social media. The truth of the matter is that we do not know what he was praying about & that really isn’t our business. I really just thought it was beautiful & that is the only reason. Love & Light. XXG

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